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1 4 reasons you shouldnt hire a moving company
Moving Tips & Advice

4 Reasons You Shouldn’t Hire A Moving Company

Considering hiring a moving company to tackle your upcoming home or office move? There are a ton of perks that come with a DIY move. You aren’t going to get these perks if you bring in the big guns and hire a moving company.



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1 moving ikea furniture consider these 4 pro tips
Moving Tips & Advice

4 Steps the Pros Take When Moving IKEA Furniture

We’ve moved countless IKEA pieces. Our opinion? Overall, IKEA furniture is great. The pieces are stylish, affordable and, if assembled correctly, can last just as long as more expensive pieces of furniture.

When moving IKEA furniture, some…

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1 moving a pool table here's what you need to know
Moving Tips & Advice

How to Move A Pool Table the Right Way

Pool tables are a great addition to any home, playroom, or man cave, but when it comes time to actually move one – well, that can be challenging. Pool tables can weigh up to 1,000 pounds or more, depending on the make and…

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1 4 tips for moving your couch like a pro
Moving Tips & Advice

4 Tips for Moving Your Couch Like a Pro

Couches are one of the most common must-move items. Almost everyone has at least one or two, and depending on the design and make, they can weigh 350-500 pounds or more. How you move a couch depends on several key factors. Here are 4 tips…

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4 Critical Questions to Ask Before You Choose A Moving Company
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