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4 Tips for Moving Your Couch Like a Pro

4 Tips for Moving Your Couch Like a Pro

1 4 tips for moving your couch like a pro

Couches are one of the most common must-move items. Almost everyone has at least one or two, and depending on the design and make, they can weigh 350-500 pounds or more. How you move a couch depends on several key factors. Here are 4 tips to keep in mind on your next move.

1. Check the entire path before you move a couch

Your couch fits in its current spot just fine, but what about its new spot and every step from here to there? Couches can be large and bulky, so don’t assume yours will make the move as easily as it made the last move. You may be able to get it out of your house or apartment and into the moving truck, but will it fit through the doorway in your new home? Are there any stairwells, elevators, or narrow doorways or hallways it needs to pass through? To properly move a couch, measure every step of the path before you move so you don’t wind up ditching your couch on moving day.

If you find it won’t fit, you can hire a professional to disassemble your couch and reassemble and reupholster it post-move. This approach can be costly and time-consuming, but if you love your couch and it just doesn’t fit, this could be the solution.

2. Grab a buddy

No matter how many moves you’ve made, how strong you are, or how comfortable you are moving a couch or heavy furniture, this isn’t the time to go it alone. Grab someone to assist you with your couch move.

3. Start the move

When it comes time to actually move your couch, stand it on one end so the feet can enter or exit any doorways first. With the couch in position, angle it so the back and bottom form a V-shape. If you’ve done this correctly, the couch’s seat should be facing inward.

At this point it’s essential to have someone on the inside and someone on the outside – an extra friend or family member is essential at this point. Once in place, angle the couch and slide the seat through the doorway. After pushing it through, “curl” the sofa around the doorframe and keep going until the person on the inside has fully passed through.

4. Hire movers

The best tip for moving your couch? Hire the pros. The experienced, professional movers at My Town Movers can move your couch and anything else you need to get from point A to point B. Your couch will arrive safely and will be positioned exactly where you want it. No back-breaking loading and unloading, no slips and spills on the stairs, no pivoting, and no hoping for the best – just a quick move that ensures you and your sofa get to where you’re going in one piece.

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