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Benefits of Having a Moving Company Move You Into A Storage Facility

Benefits of Having a Moving Company Move You Into A Storage Facility

1 benefits of hiring an all inclusive moving company

Why use a storage facility?

Downsizing your home or office? Moving to a new town but still haven’t found your new home or commercial space? Don’t have much storage in your next spot? Don’t want to clutter your new place with items you don’t need every day? The benefits of using a self-storage facility are endless:

  • More Space
  • Damage Prevention
  • Security
  • Climate-Controlled Envrionment

Can movers take my belongings to a storage facility for me?

Hiring the right moving company means hiring a team that can move you to your new home as well as a designated storage facility before, on, and even after moving day. Working with a moving company to transfer your items to storage, especially large, heavy, and fragile items, ensures your items will be safe and secure until you need them.

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Our movers can bring your items anywhere, including storage facilities. Simply rent space that will fit your furniture, boxes, or other possessions and provide your movers with the relevant information they need for drop off. Don’t have a storage facility? We can recommend a storage center in your immediate area that has an availability, and we can get you a spot in time for your move.


Should I move extra items to a storage unit before or after a move?

You don’t need to wait until moving day to have your movers bring items to a storage center. If you aren’t going too far, movers can pop in a few days or even weeks ahead of your move and get storage-designated items out. This will free up space for packing and moving boxes until the big day, which can be a big plus if you don’t have a ton of space to spare, such as in dorms, apartments, and condos. Moving storage items before the big move also helps cut down on the time and manpower you’ll spend on moving day, giving you more time to get settled into your new space.

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This is also a great option if you’re planning to move into a temporary home or office post-move. Many people moving out of town or out of state don’t have a permanent spot right off the bat and, instead, move and store their possessions while they look for a “final” home or office. Having your movers bring everything to a storage facility ensures it’s all at the ready when you select and secure a final location, cutting down on lag time and simplifying the move-in process.

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