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Affordable Moving Companies vs. Cheap Moving Companies

Affordable Moving Companies vs. Cheap Moving Companies

1 affordable moving companies versus cheap moving companies

What’s the right approach for your upcoming move if you want to save money?

It makes sense—at first glance, “cheap” and “affordable” seem similar, especially when those adjectives are being used to describe movers. But, in reality “cheap” and “affordable” couldn’t be more different. Understanding the differences won’t just save you money. It will save you from serious headaches and hassles on moving day.

What You Need to Know About Cheap Moving Companies

Simply put, a cheap moving company uses low-quality materials and low-cost labor. Why? Because, to make any sort of profit on their bargain basement prices, they need to spend as little as possible on every move. So those cost-cutting techniques funnel right down to your move, leaving you with anything but the best of the best. It’s sacrificing service for savings, period. And it’s not the best way to move.

But it goes further than that. You may even have movers with zero training or experience – many times cheap moving companies hire temporary employees or pay cash for help with the heavy lifting. If they can lift a box, they’re in.

While those guys may have moved a friend or two, that doesn’t make them experienced movers. Is that really who you want handling your valuable and fragile possessions? The worst part: when something does go wrong, you may have no recourse – often cheap moving companies aren’t properly licensed, bonded or insured, so you might have to pay to fix or replace items yourself. And those sentimental items that are invaluable – they might be gone forever.

If all of these challenges weren’t enough, when you try to save with a cheap moving company it usually winds up costing you more in the long run. You’ll likely end up paying to replace damaged furniture and sometimes even for damages to your old or new home. If you’re a renter, you could even wind up losing your security deposit.

Benefits of Hiring An Affordable Yet Professional Moving Company

An affordable moving company like My Town Movers focuses on quality customer service, first and foremost. These movers strive to provide reliable moving services, so they hire professional employees, spend time on training, use sturdy packing supplies and are also fully licensed, bonded and insured.

Because pro movers at an affordable moving company are well-trained and because they have resources, packing supplies, trucks and tools on-hand, moves are much faster, much more streamlined and much simpler. That’s how they’re able to pass savings onto you, the customer. There are savings, but never at the expense of quality, care or customer service.

What should you look for in a moving company?

Anytime you move, make sure you’re working with a reliable, professional mover. Look for these key details right out of the gate:

  • Fully licensed, bonded and insured
  • Free, no obligation quotes
  • Full-service and labor-only moving offered
  • Custom moves, allowing you to handpick packing, storage, shipping and other services
  • Customer testimonials + online reviews and ratings
  • Referrals provided, on request

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