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Piperton, TN

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Piperton, TN

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Considering a move to Piperton, TN? Check out this page to learn a bit about this relatively new suburb of Memphis. My Town Movers has experience moving customers to and from Piperton using our specialized 4-step plan, designed with our customers’ specific needs in mind. After reading about Piperton, feel free to give us a call to find out how we can partner with you in your moving process to make your moving experience a peaceful one.

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Piperton is a fairly young city. It was incorporated as a city in 1974, so it does not have quite an extensive history as some of the other Memphis suburbs. The city nearly tripled in size between 2000-2010, but it remains a relatively small town.


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Demographics & stats about Piperton, TN

Piperton, located 36 miles east of Memphis, is part of Fayette County. The city’s total land area is 27.3 square miles. As of 2010, this small town had a population of just 1,703 people. The median home price is $324,000, and the median rent cost is $898. Interestingly, the median age of residents of Piperton is 50.7.

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Piperton does not have any public schools within its city limits. However, it is part of the Fayette County School District, so there are some public school options for residents of Piperton. There are also five private schools nearby. It does not have many amenities of its own yet, so the nearest public library is the Collierville Public Library. Many parks in nearby cities are convenient for residents of Piperton. One of the nicest ones is Herb Parsons Lake State Park, where you can get away for some relaxation. The Piperton community is small, and residents need to make use of its close proximity to other bigger cities, but this isn’t a problem because the highway system gives easy access to neighboring communities.

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