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Memphis Packing Services and Moving

Memphis Packing Services

Moving is exciting but packing is never fun. Add to it the supplies you need like boxes and tape, moving blankets and more. In fact, packing is usually more time-consuming than the move itself. That’s why My Town Movers in Memphis can handle all of the packings for you.

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Why Choose Us

Packing Services from the Memphis Areas Favorite Moving Company

Packing is more stressful than the move itself.

With all the excitement of moving, sometimes you forget the most important aspect of any move – the packing. There are a lot of things to think about when packing yourself, including all the supplies (boxes, tape, wrapping paper, labels, etc), properly wrapping everything, ensuring nothing get broken, safely packing everything in the boxes, and making sure you use the right box for the items. Packing can be more time-consuming than the move itself.

Allow us to handle all of the packings for you, removing the stress, and allowing you to get your life back to normal.


A few of the companies we've moved

Some of the companies we've had the honor to move.

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Easy Billing for Large or Small Jobs

No Hidden Fees


Transparent billing for small or large jobs.

Simple Billing

With My Town Movers, packing costs will be tailored to your specific needs.  You will be billed hourly for your crew size, plus any materials you need. You will only pay for the time and materials you use. So whether we are packing your whole home, your kitchen, or three closets, you will only pay for what you need. For a larger packing job, will come to your house or place of business before your scheduled packing day to take an inventory of what you need packed, so we can give you an accurate estimate.


We won't waste your time

Easier and More Efficient

Our packers are efficient and won’t waste your time. Since you will be billed hourly, efficiency is very important. Sometimes, packing can take weeks if you plan to do it yourself, due to work, busy schedules, and life in general. My Town Movers will pack everything quickly and efficiently, taking only a fraction of the time it would normally take for a DIY pack.

Carefully yet efficiently moved

Less Time Waiting

We'll Coordinate the Details

Unique Packing Plans


Packing services you can build

Customized Packing Services

Do you only need us to pack your kitchen? You got it! We will put together a personalized package based on your actual needs and wants. We would love to pack your whole house for you, but we are more than happy to handle only specific areas.


We'll pack and group similar items

Boxes are labeled and grouped together

Having packed and moved many Memphis homes, we know how important it is to label boxes correctly.  My Town Movers will label all of your boxes so that you can easily find what you need. By labeling boxes and packing similar items together, My Town Movers will help make unpacking simple.

You Can Count on us

Planning and Prep

Carefully Packed and loaded

Care with Fragile items


We'll ensure nothing is broken

Fragile Items Are Packed the Right Way

Packing fragile items can be especially time-consuming, as you have to make sure each item is adequately protected during the move. Not sure how to wrap your wine glasses and other oddly shaped delicate items? No problem! We will carefully wrap fragile items in paper, to ensure that nothing is broken. Especially with kitchen items such as plates and glasses, they must be properly wrapped and packed.


Get the right box for the right item

Specialty Boxes for your special items

Some of your belongings will require specialty boxes.  My Town Movers knows the correct box for the job. We will make sure to include whatever specialty boxes your belongings require, including wardrobe boxes for your hanging clothes, dish boxes for your family china, and picture boxes for those special family photos. We want to make sure that nothing is damaged during the move, so we take care to use the right boxes.

One size does Not fit all

the right boxes everytime

All of your moving supplies

Covered and ready to go


Clean and Study Packing Supplies

We provide the supplies

Nothing is more important than having high-quality supplies. You don’t want boxes to break during the move, possibly damaging your belongings. My Town Movers will use only clean, sturdy boxes to pack your belongings in. We will also bring whatever additional supplies are necessary to safely pack your belongings.


We'll do all the unloading and unpacking

We unload and unpack it all for you

Not only will we pack your items, but we can also help you unpack them! My Town Mover’s goal is to help get your life back to normal as quickly as possible.  With our professional business connections, we can connect you with a personal organizer and designer to help you settle into your new home. We can help coordinate your move from beginning to end. My Town Movers can pack all of your belongings for you, move everything to your new house, and then coordinate unpacking them.

You can sit back and relax

We do the hard work

Our Plan

For Stress-Free Memphis Packing Services and Moving

4 Steps to Moving Peace of Mind

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Enjoy those new digs and have peace of mind.


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