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Arlington, TN

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Regardless of your moves size or distance, My Town Movers has you covered. When it comes to Arlington, TN moving companies, we know what it takes for a successful move and each step of our moving process is designed with you in mind.
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Arlington, TN

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There’s a lot to consider when you begin the moving process, and one of those things is researching your new city. If you are new to the Arlington area, check out this page to learn more about this small city and how My Town Movers can assist you in the moving process.

My Town Movers is ready to serve your moving needs. Some of our services include local and long distance movesapartment movescommercial and office moves, and labor only moving. We also offer packing services and moving boxes

Request a quote today to get the moving process started in Arlington. This quaint town has a small town feel that we think you will love.

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My Town Movers has two decades of experience. If you’re looking for reliable, trustworthy movers, request a quote today to get your moving process off to a solid start.

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Arlington, originally called Haysville, was founded in the 1830s by President Andrew Jackson’s nephew, Samuel Jackson Hays. It changed to its current name in 1883. The railroad industry caused the town to grow, but the outbreak of yellow fever in Memphis in 1878 caused the growth to stagnate when the city refused entry to outsiders. The city strictly enforced this rule, and as a result, the city remains a small town today.


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Demographics & stats about Arlington, TN

Arlington is a little town with a total land area of 20.4 square miles. It sits about 30 miles northeast of Memphis. It is one of the seven cities that make up Shelby county. The population is just over 13,000. The median home sale price is $268,000, and the median rent is $1,750.

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Arlington embraces the small town feel. The historic downtown square is the main centerpiece of the city. Downtown, you’ll find the city’s small library, a popular antique shop, a community center, great restaurants, and more. The city has two elementary schools, one middle school, and one high school. Arlington is known for its fantastic school district. This small town also has ten public parks with playgrounds and facilities for youth sports.

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