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How to Create a Space of Your Own When You Downsize

How to Create a Space of Your Own When You Downsize

1 the perks of downsizing how to create a space of your own

The Perks of Downsizing

Downsizing your home doesn’t have to be dreadful. In fact, it actually comes with a multitude of advantages for you and your family, including less upkeep, no stairs, easier travel, health benefits, and neighborhood affordability. Although the thought of downsizing scares some, it has its benefits. Those who downsize have learned to love a smaller and simpler life.

Less Upkeep

Cleaning your home can become a real hassle. Although living in a larger home can give you more living space to enjoy, it also gives you more living space to clean. With a smaller home, you have the ability to enjoy a smaller and easier to clean house. Having less upkeep comes with several perks, including:

More time with family

Cleaning and tidying up your home can take up hours if not days each week. However, when you downsize, you’ll find that making time for the people and things you love will become a whole lot easier. Instead of spending your entire Saturday cleaning your home, it will only take you a couple of hours, giving you extra time to spend with your family and friends.

Saving more money

Purchasing cleaning supplies and organizational tools for a large home or hiring someone to clean a large home can quickly become expensive. When you have to clean multiple rooms every week, cleaning supplies runs out fast. However, a smaller home that requires less cleaning and organization will allow you to save money along the way.

No Stairs

Although downsizing doesn’t mean no stairs for everyone, it is a benefit for many. Having stairs inside your home can actually become quite the inconvenience to take care of and clean. Not only are stairs difficult to upkeep, they can become a pain for those with young children or elderly loved ones. Having a home with no stairs comes with the ability to move and interact easier than ever before.

Kid friendly

Young children are adventurous and sometimes fearless. Having stairs in your home with a toddler can quickly become a recipe for disaster. Downsizing to a home without stairs gives you and your family the ability to lift the weight of worry off of your shoulders that comes with young children wandering up a set of stairs.

Pet friendly

Downsizing to a home with no stairs can also positively impact your pets. Keep your pets in close proximity by eliminating their ability to explore the upstairs of your home. Stairs allow you to prevent accidents and unwanted messes by keeping them nearby at all times.

Senior friendly

Many families have the privilege of allowing older loved ones to live with them in their home. Though not always the case, stairs can be a safety hazard for seniors who have trouble moving about the home. Therefore, downsizing to a stair-free home can quickly make your home a safer environment for your loved ones.

Easier Travel

Many people do not take the traveling aspect of living into consideration while choosing their home. However, downsizing can truly bring your family more time and ability to travel and explore the world more.


Ensuring that your home is safe while traveling can be a lot of work. Whether you use a security system, house-sitter, or another option, everyone goes to an extent to make sure their home is safe while they are out of town. Downsizing to a smaller home or apartment can help make the security aspect of traveling much easier.

Health Benefits

Believe it or not, downsizing can help improve your health in multiple ways. Having a smaller house with less tangible items has been said to improve your mental health in a variety of ways. Minimalism is on the rise, and downsizing can be your start.

Physical health

Downsizing to a smaller living space can improve your overall physical health. With a smaller home, you will have less areas accumulating dust and dirt. Because of this, you will most likely notice a change in the amount of allergic reactions as well as allergies throughout the year. Alongside those benefits, you might experience the urge to get outside and stay active when downsizing. Being in a smaller home can lead you to crave fresh air, therefore staying active outdoors and improving your physical health.

Mental health

Downsizing your home forces you to keep what you truly love and get rid of unnecessary things. With that being said, it has become a trend to jump on the minimalism train. Though you will be picking and choosing from beloved household items, you don’t have to throw out everything. Keeping your smaller space filled with items that are personal and loved by you and your family will make your home all the more special. This will make your home a safe and warm place for you. Having less clutter around the house can lead to a more clean and open mind.

Neighborhood Affordability

It comes as no surprise that a smaller house may save you money. However, many do not realize with downsizing, you may be able to live in a specific area that you wouldn’t be able to in a larger home. Larger homes in popular areas are even more expensive than normal, but smaller homes in these areas are more affordable. This will give you and your family the benefits of living in a great area without breaking the bank.

Good schools

Being in a great neighborhood typically comes with great schools. While downsizing, you are sometimes able to ensure that your children will go to some of the best schools in your city. Some families want their children to go to specific schools, but refuse to downsize. However, they could be saving money while sending their children to those schools at the same time.

Stronger community

Sometimes, smaller homes and apartments mean smaller communities. With a smaller community, you are able to meet and grow close with those around you. Having a small community can lead to a tight knit group of individuals who are always looking out for each other and build strong bonds. Everyone loves to be a part of a community, and downsizing can help you do just that!

Downsizing in Memphis

The Memphis area has many communities that are perfect for newly weds, young children, and small families. There are neighborhoods with incredible schools, strong communities, and safe environments. Some of the best areas to live include smaller homes that are perfect for those who are looking to downsize. My Town Movers works to help families’ moving transition as easy as possible.

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