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5 Important Tips for Assisted Living Moves

5 Important Tips for Assisted Living Moves

1 tips for assisted living moves

Assisted living moves don’t have to be so overwhelming.

Assisted Living Moves are daunting and often times a difficult season for families going through this transition with family members they love most.

Moving from one’s own home or apartment into an assisted living facility is a big transition. Whether you are making this decision for your parent or your parent has made this decision for themselves, there are many things that need to be considered in this transition process. Here are five tips to help you navigate the transition of an assisted living move.

1. Get Familiar and Comfortable Before Making An Assisted Living Move.

After you choose the facility, take time to get comfortable or get your parent comfortable there before worrying about moving any stuff. You probably toured the facility on your first visit, but ask the facility if you can come back for an afternoon visit so you can get comfortable with your new home before the stress of moving sinks it. Walk around the grounds, talk to the staff and other residents, see your room again. Do what you need to do to make sure you and your family are comfortable with this decision.

Once you are feeling more comfortable about your new home, it will be less daunting to consider moving there. After you have taken the time you need to adjust to the idea, the next step is to plan your move. The good news is that My Town Movers has extensive experience with moving customers into assisted living facilities. We know the drill and we are ready to come alongside you in this transition time.

2. Take An Inventory and Purge Your Belongings Before An Assisted Living Move.

Moving from your own home to an assisted living facility with perhaps less space than you are used to is a big change. What will you do with the stuff you can’t fit in your new home? You have some options. First you should go through your things and identify the “must haves” that you want to take with you for sure. Next, go through your things and decide what is not important to you to keep or for your family to keep. These things can either be donated, sold or thrown out.

Lastly, consider passing important family belongings onto your children or grandchildren. Whatever is valuable to your family but you can’t take with you can be given to family members who will also treasure it. Things like family furniture and trinket collections have sentimental value, so of course you don’t want to get rid of them. Passing them onto close family members is a good option if you are limited on space in your new place.

After you have decided on all the stuff you plan to take with you to your new home, give My Town Movers a call to request a free quote tailored specifically to your needs. My Town’s 4-step plan is unique in that it’s designed to meet the various needs of our customers, whatever those may be for you. We have experience with assisted living moves, so we will be able to relieve some of the stress of the unknown for you.

3. Consider Storage Options Before Making An Assisted Living Move.

Perhaps after purging your things, you find you still have quite a bit of stuff that just won’t fit in your new space and you don’t have any family members that want it. Maybe you have large furniture pieces that your family may want one day but right now they don’t have room. One option is to consider renting a storage space to keep your remaining belongings in. My Town can help you move your things into the storage unit and the rest of your things into your new home. Whatever your needs are, just let us know!

4. Hire An Expert in Assisted Living Moves.

If you are arranging the move yourself, it is time for you to schedule profession movers with experience handling assisted living moves. Talk with your new facility to arrange move in details. If you are a family member of someone moving into their new home, we recommend having one person in the family acting as the point person for arranging details and communicating with your parents and the facility. If there are multiple family members involved, having one key contact person will streamline the process for your whole family. At My Movers, we do a lot of assisted living moves and we are available to work with you to find out what your family’s needs are so we can best meet them. Anyone in your family can call to set up a quote to get the moving process started. From there, My Town can take care of facilitating the move for you so you can worry less about the transition process.

5. Make Yourself at Home

The sooner your things are unpacked and your room is put together, the sooner your new place will feel like home. This is especially important for anyone moving into an assisted living facility because with so much uniformity, it is essential for you to have a space that is just the way you like it. Think about the things that you enjoy most in your home. Is it a favorite scent? Flowers in a vase? Pictures on the wall? Make these things part of your new home, too, to help you settle in smoothly. With My Town facilitating your move, you will be moved in as swiftly as possible so you can get on your way to making this place your comfortable space.

Conclusion About Assisted Living Moves

Moving into an assisted living facility is a tremendous transition that takes time and patience and attention to detail. First you must choose a facility and then you have the whole moving process ahead of you. Following these simple tips, you will be well on your way to feeling at home in your new space. My Town Movers would be honored to be part of this big transition in your life. We have movers ready to assist you to meet the unique needs of so, done moving into an assisted living home. Call or go online today to get a quote from My Town.

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