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Four Tips for Moving Appliances

Four Tips for Moving Appliances

1 four tips for moving appliances

What should you keep in mind when moving appliances?

When you look around your house before a move, you have a lot of factors to consider. How will you move all your things? Even with a moving company’s help, you still have a lot to think about as the customer. One of the big things for you to consider when you move is how you will move your appliances. From washing machines to refrigerators to microwaves, all kinds of appliances will need to be moved from your current residence to your new residence. What should you keep in mind when moving appliances? My Town Movers has plenty of experience moving appliances of all kinds and we have four tips for you to ease your mind about the appliance moving process.

1. Check Your Moving Appliance Needs

Before you take any action on moving your appliances, you should first check your need for the appliances. Does your new house or apartment come furnished with a washer and dryer? How about a refrigerator? The last thing you want is to move your appliances and then realize your new space doesn’t need your appliances from your old home. So, first check on what appliances you need to move with you. If your new home already has some appliances, consider selling your current ones to avoid moving them unnecessarily. Or, if your new home has appliances that you do not want, list those for sale before you move in so you can make room for your current appliances. Before making any decisions about moving appliances, My Town recommends first evaluating your appliance needs.

2. Prepare For Moving Appliances

After you have determined your appliance needs, the next step is to prepare your appliances for the big move. My Town is happy to help you move your appliances, but there are some steps you should take to prepare your appliances ahead of the movers showing up on moving day.

The first step you should take to prepare your appliances is to unplug all of them. This requires first emptying the freezer and refrigerator. Unplugging it will allow for the freezer to thaw out before it needs to be moved. This is an important step because the movers would prefer to not have to wait for the freezer to thaw when they arrive, so preparing it ahead of time saves time for everyone involved. We also recommend shutting off the gas and water to all appliances as this will expedite the moving process when the movers arrive.

Our second recommendation for preparing your appliance involves washing machines. We suggest applying locking bolts to your washing machine to protect the inner parts of the machine. These shipping bolts keep the parts from shifting around in the transit process. These bolts are applied to the back of the washer and are easy to both install and to remove after the moving process is finished. These locks can be purchased at most home improvement stores.

3. Let Professional Movers Help With Moving Appliances

After you have determined your appliance needs and prepared them for the move, My Town Movers is happy to step in and do the heavy lifting for you! Our careful, skilled movers will take care of getting your appliances from point A to point B so you don’t have to stress about it. My Town is able to take care of all of your appliance needs, whether they’re large or small.

Just call us to request a quote and learn about our specialized 4-step plan that will cater to your specific moving needs. Whether you have four appliances or ten, My Town wants to help you get our life back to normal by moving your appliances and setting them up to you in your new space. My Town will move your appliances and even hook them up for you in your new space as a courtesy to our customers. You do the work of preparing the appliances; let us do the work of moving them and setting them up.

4. Check Appliances After Move-In

While My Town is happy to hook your appliances up for you in your new space, we recommend that you check each hook up after the movers are finished to ensure that everything is done correctly. We hook up appliances as a courtesy, not as a special service, so we suggest double checking the work before using the appliances. The movers at My Town like to help as much as possible, but they are not appliance specialists. We will take care of carefully moving your appliances in and setting them up, but recommend you still make the time to double check connections afterwards.

Need help moving appliances in Memphis? Call My Town Movers!

When you begin the moving process, there’s so much to think about that it can easily become overwhelming. Moving appliances is one part of the moving process that can be scary. My Town believes following these four tips will help take some of the stress off of the moving process.

As customers, you should take care of checking your appliance needs and preparing your appliances, but then we recommend letting My Town assist you with the actual move and set up of the appliances in your new space. This teamwork approach is the difference between a stressful experience moving appliances and a smooth, peaceful one.

My Town recognizes that every move is unique and that is why we partner with our customers to determine their individual needs and come up with a specialized plan for each move. Whether your move is big or small, soon or in the distant future, contact My Town today to ask about how we can partner with you in this exciting process.

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