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5 Tips for Moving with Kids

5 Tips for Moving with Kids

1 school is out, but moving is in! 5 tips for moving with kids

Whether you’re moving across town or across the country, moving itself can be overwhelming. The good news is that moving, even moving with kids, doesn’t have to be stressful. We’ve completed thousands of moves over the years, and we’ve seen first-hand that with a little preparation, organization, and patience, moving can be easier than you may think, and it can even be fun!

1. Consider School Districts

One aspect of moving with kids you are forced to contend with is education. You’ll need to ensure your child’s records are up-to-date and that their schools have updated contact info. You will also likely be required to submit paperwork and proof of your new residence, so be prepared to take care of these things as soon as possible.

If your child is moving to a new school, it may also be worth your time to request a tour to meet with his or her teachers and administrators to help him or her (and you) feel more comfortable. If you have little ones, ensure they are aware of how to get home if they are riding the school bus or with friends.

2. Stay Organized Before, During, and After a Move

Staying organized is one of the most efficient ways to help remain calm and ease stress during a move. Clearing out any unwanted items and giving away what you don’t need is beneficial as well. When it’s time to pack, a color-coded system can help you stay organized and keep track of which items go where.

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3. Establish a Routine

Establishing a routine can help ease any discomfort or stress you or your little ones may experience before or after a move. Continuing to follow a routine as closely as possible in the midst of packing, moving, and unpacking can create a sense of safety and stability even in the midst of change. Try waking up and going to bed at the same time and eating dinner together as a family at the same time before and after your move to help ease any anxiety your child may have over their new home.

4. Stay Positive

If you’re a parent, you’ve probably already experienced the effect of your emotions on the physical and emotional state of your child. If you’re in a bad mood, he can have a meltdown faster than you can give him “the look.” Likewise, if you’re in a good mood, taking things in stride, reflecting positivity and excitement, that energy will rub off on others around you.

Choose Patience and Positivity

Because your mental state can have a big impact on the behavior and feelings of your kids, pets, and other family members, it’s important to surround yourself with others who are going to help you remain calm in any stressful situations that arise.

5. Make Moving Fun

Before you stress out considering what needs to be done before a move, take a deep breath and know that moving is a big step, but one that thousands of people take every day. Whether you’re moving for work, school, or family, there are plenty of positives to look forward to when it comes to a new home or location. Look on the bright side and allow yourself to be open to new possibilities and experiences.

6. Explore New Places

If you prepare accordingly, moving can even be a fun adventure. To minimize the stress of a move, focus on the positives. Explore new areas, try new restaurants, and experience what life in your new place has to offer. If you’re moving to a new part of town or within driving distance, you may even consider taking some time to visit local parks, libraries, museums, restaurants, shopping centers, and other amenities and attractions in your new neighborhood both before and after a move.

7. Hire Professional Movers

As a professional moving company, we would love to help you or your family move to a new location, but we’re not just in the business of running a business. We provide moving services because we ourselves know just how valuable it can be to have a team of experienced movers on your side when you choose to or have to make a move.

3 Benefits of Hiring Professional Movers When Moving with Kids

Moving with kids brings its own set of challenges. Here are a few reasons to strongly consider hiring professional movers when it’s time for your family to make a long-distance move or a local move in Memphis.

1. Hire professional movers for less trips.

When it’s time to move, you may be looking at multiple moving costs and considering cutting corners when it comes to hiring professional movers, but consider this:

  • Multiple trips in a vehicle accumulates additional mileage and gas costs.
  • Multiple trips means you’ll spend far more time moving your items rather than being able to unpack and organize your new space as quickly as possible.
  • Attempting to move as much furniture and other items as possible in vehicles rather than moving trucks means your items are at risk for damage from the weather, contact with other items, not being strapped down tightly enough, etc.

If you want to get settled in your new home as quickly as possible, hiring movers is not only much more efficient, but it can even be cheaper than paying friends or family members to help or covering the costs of multiple fill-ups at the gas station. Hiring professional movers in Collierville and the Memphis area like My Town Movers also means you don’t have to pay to rent your own moving vehicle, which can be just as expensive, if not more expensive, as hiring a team of professionals to do it all for you in the first place.

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2. Hire professional movers for heavy lifting.

If not having to carry beds, mattresses, couches, entertainment centers, dining room tables, and other heavy items up or down stairs doesn’t appeal to you, then it might be worth moving on your own. If, on the other hand, you’re not a fan of the idea of having to carry heavy loads and don’t want to risk serious injuries or falls, a professional mover is by far your best option.

In addition to having years of experience moving heavy items, if our movers are injured on the job, you’re not liable for the costs, but you will end up paying for your own medical bills without the help of movers should you sustain an injury.

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3. Hire professional movers for peace of mind.

Many people have family members who are more than happy to help you with the big move. A few things to consider though:

  • Unlike your friends and relatives, professional movers have experience moving items needing special care and attention such as heavy items and appliances.
  • Professional movers like My Town Movers have equipment intended to help move large and heavy items to minimize the risk of damage.
  • Professional movers have the equipment and tools to get the job done quickly and efficiently.

For many people, the cost of hiring a professional moving company with great reviews far outweighs the risks of damage and time delays you face when moving on your own.

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