questions to ask before hiring your moving company

4 Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Moving Company

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Hiring a moving company to help manage your upcoming move? Before choosing the right movers and right moving package, it’s important to ask the right questions. By doing this, you’ll ensure you’re choosing the perfect moving day option for your home or business — saving yourself lots of time, money and aggravation in the process. Here’s what to ask:

#1 Get The Lay Of The Land

No two movers are the same, and that’s why this first question — or, more accurately, this first series of questions — is essential.

As you’re interviewing potential movers, ask them a few key questions to understand their business, their credibility and their reliability.

  • How long has your company been in business?
  • Is your team made up us full- or part-time employees, or do you hire independent movers job to job?
  • Do you have any industry certifications or specialized training?

While there’s no right answer, it’s important to have a sense of who you’re working with and what, if any, challenges they may have in tackling your big move.

#2: Make Sure They’re Bonded & Insured

Someone slips and falls on the job. A valuable item from your move breaks or gets damaged mid-move. Something goes wrong — something expensive.

Quality moving companies are always bonded and insured. While having these critical pieces in place won’t guarantee an incident-free move, it will protect you if any spills, slips or breaks happen during your move. It’s an added layer that, truly, is essential to a successful move. Though, chances are, nothing will go wrong, it’s always better to be prepared for the worst — and know your movers are prepared, too.

#3: Find Out Their Typical Schedule

Some movers start early in the morning, taking on one job each day and staying put until that move is done. Others try and pack multiple moves into the day, which can leave you holding the box — literally — when your “time” is up. Be sure you have a sense of what your mover’s day looks like going in, so you can best prepare and, more importantly, determine if a particular is right for you.

It’s also important to understand schedules because some communities and buildings have time restrictions — you might not be able to move in or out during certain days or times. Be sure everything aligns with your desired schedule before committing.

#4. Understand Terms

Is there a deposit required to book your move? Does anything else need to be paid ahead of time? Are gratuities included? Is there a minimum commitment? What about travel costs to and from your move site?

They’re all important questions to ask. While some seem like no-brainers, again, no two movers are the same. To best compare prices and quotes, it’s important to have all the details in front of you. That great deal may have tons of hidden costs and, likewise, that sky-high price could offer more value than the rest. Be sure you’re weighing everything properly so you can make the right decision for your company.

Once you’ve got some prospective movers queued up, be sure to ask for a comprehensive quote that includes labor, travel and any other resource costs. With that in hand, don’t be afraid to ask questions or request clarification if anything is unclear.

Choosing the right movers is essential to a successful move. By asking the right questions and comparing options carefully, you’ll find the perfect company and the perfect package. And that’s the first step in a successful, seamless and headache-free move.

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